Power Generation

AzmaTech Engineers are well experienced in design, project management and execution of Power Generation for both Independent Power Producer (IPP) and Utility customers. Because of ever increasing demand in Onsite Power Generation, CHP and distributed generation in Iran, our main focus  is on power generation projects with power ratings of 25 MW or less.

With our partners active and experienced in MV/HV Substations, we are able to offer a complete E2W (Energy-To-Wire) solution in Power Generation sector.

As a recent example, we are fully supporting Alborz Electric Power Co., and IPP in Iran for site selection of CHP plants with capacity of 150 MW in total.

Our range of services extends from conceptual development and feasibility study to all engineering, supplying and construction services required including all erection and commissioning services. In this line, the first plant scheduled to develop is a 25-megawatt power plant in Alborz Province in commissioning stage (Jan. 2016).

Run-of-river small Hydro:

Due to short construction time, less environmental and social impacts, and economically lesser intensive investments, ROR Hydro plants have better justification than large hydro plants in Iran. having excellent relationship with technology owners, suppliers, local suppliers, and in-house knowledge, we have initiatives to focus on ROR hydro projects as part of our portfolio.

Power Generation Revamping Projects:

Large power generation units being in operation from years with least spare parts due to embargo, yet running at reasonable conditions.

we foresee a situation of high-demanding market in near future in power generation so that many of these units would require overhauls, maintenance, revamping, or total upgrade now that sanctions are lifted.

In hydro plants, Azmatech is strongly supported by Norwegian company KTAB Norge as expert in all types and sizes of hydro turbines, valves, gates and bearings who can provide site services such asset management, repair and rehabilitations, mechanical design and reverse engineering, assembly and machining, mobile machining, tools and equipment, site supervision over installation and commissioning.

Having very strong network relationships with regional electric companies and policy making authorities in power ministry, AzmaTech is ready to tackle this segment.