Bitcoin Mining Energy Solution

Bitcoin mining energy solution- Cheap and Reliable Energy Solution in Iran

Azmatech delivers the cheapest energy solution for investing corporations or individuals who are interested to establish their own crypto mining farms or transfer their already-working container units to our facilities to leverage their mining profitability.

The abundance of gas in Iran makes our energy solutions cheap and perfect for providing hosting services for bitcoin farms. Moreover, our distinguished energy generation background in green and brown energy as well as our well-experienced managers and employees will help us to give our the best tailor-made solution for your mining farm supply.

Iran is ideal place for bitcoin mining in terms of cheapest energy solution and its highly competitive prices and its special foreign investment protection act which is one of the unique and best investment law to promote and protect foreign investments.

Energy costs must be kept low in order to maximize profitability; so choosing the right location and climate are key elements to success. As one of the key and active producers of energy, Azmatech could propose best locations for mining due to climate conditions and affordable energy cost. Azmatech is at the forefront of this fast-moving industry through the on-going partnerships with Iranian energy giants. Through these partnerships, Azmatech is able to provide clients with the most cost-effective energy and hosting solution for any large-scale mining project.  If you want to be the toughest competitive large miner even in very low-price conditions of Bitcoin, Then mentioned factors make us your top choice for large scale crypto currency mining.

Additionally, unlike many other governments around the globe, the Iranian government is in full support of crypto mining, and is welcoming businesses in the crypto industry with open arms, making Iran a go-to place for crypto mining. The crypto-mining was determined legal with direct command of president Rouhani in 2nd half of year 2018.

We have already been providing cheap energy for several bitcoin mining farms; therefore, we have a very in-depth knowledge of a bitcoin mining farm parameters and its technical and financial issues.

We can deliver very cheap energy with cost of 3-3.5 $cent/kWh with several MWatts capacities and make it ready in a very short time.

We can also provide larger scale energy solutions around 100 MW but it needs to be discussed in more details and takes more time to be planned and ready to become utilized.