About Us

AzmaTech -Founded in 2006- is a competent electrical equipment, system and solution provider in Turkey with core activities in below general sectors:

1- Power Equipment

2- Power Generation

3-Renewable Energy

Azmatech deliver services ranging from conceptual developments and design, equipment supply, or complete solutions that include new or revamp (green or brown) projects from A to Z.

we strive for perfection with advanced proven technologies, have learned being lean, agile and accurate in pursuing demands of our customers, hence we have combined the experience and enthusiasm in AzmaTech.

we are organized with a group of well-experienced, highly respected and recognized managers, integrated with young talented indivisuals, well-educated in their fields of expertise.

we are proud of the trust our customers have in us and believe this is the most valuable asset of our company board members and managers in various industries , being at decision making positions both in public and private sectors. This has empowered our company with proper approach towards market requirements.