Generators, motors and drives

Reliability and efficiency is a key point in Azmatech strategy; therefore, we consider those features in every opportunity we are facing especially in our electric drives solutions and services.

AzmaTech can offer wide range of medium and large size motors up to 40 MVA / 15 kV with any cooling type or speed, vertical or horizontal orientation for various industrial applications whether conventional or special (such as Oil & Gas, Wind, Marine, Traction,..).

In conjunction with motors, we offer VSDs (Variable Speed Drives), helping our customers to benefit from many aspects of state of the art drive technology to modernize their plants.

We can also supply conventional synchronous or asynchronous generators of 1 MW and higher up to 50 MVA as well as hydro-electric generators of both salient pole or cylindrical or even permanent magnet generators for wind turbines complete with related power electronics.

In the rotating machine service, via our reliable partner we will support our customers providing all kinds of services for motors and generators whether partial or total repair /rewind, providing parts and components or upgrading with new custom designed machines to replace the old machines.