Electrical Transformers

 Electrical Transformers

Complete Solutions for the Grid

AzmaTech offers a complete range of high quality and cost effective transformers for any utility and industrial application.

The diversity of the Power Transformer products presented has enabled us to fully address the requirements of all customers in different industries including Oil , Gas & Petrochemical, Electric Transmission, and Mines & Metals particularly Steel industries.

We have succeeded registering our supplying partners in the “Approved Vendor List” of nearly all mother companies at Ministry level in the field of Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals in Iran, hence facilitated selection of the ordering contractors and Clients in this field and easily receive equipment purchase approvals by the End-Users or Engineers.

power transformers supply range :

  • Generator step up transformers: 1000 MVA, 525 kV
  • Shunt Reactors: 250 MVA, 400 kV
  • Arc Furnace Transformers: 310 MVA, 34.5 kV

Oil immersed distribution transformers supply range:

  • Any size, type or voltage.
  • Normally mineral oil is utilized in distribution transformers. However, we can also offer transformers with silicone oil which has fire point above 300C, idea for harsher environments and industries.

Dry type transformers:

  • power rating : 50-30,000 kVA
  • Insulation level: 52 KV