Special opportunity for investing in solar plant in Turkey

The door of opportunity will not remain open forever!

Whether you generate or invest in electricity from wind, solar, biomass, water, energy from waste, advanced conversion technology or CHP, we have the right PPA for your business in Turkey alongside with suitable lands for free!

Turkey is providing supreme FiT rates that is appealing the investors in energy sector and it will not last forever! Therefore, we are looking forward to finding new foreign partner or investors to increase our share in renewable sector especially solar energy in Turkey. To obtain more information about fees and tariffs you can visit here: feed-in tariffs & incentives

AzmaTech Energy PPAs are a great way to sell electricity you export to the grid. We also consider the other options to sell the energy but you can always speak to us if you would prefer a PPA.

Turkey’s generous program of green subsidies has been the key determinant of the attractiveness of its renewable market, and with the government’s recent decision to maintain its current FiTs for another 12 months, the market is set to shift into a higher-gear. The extension of the FiTs scheme, which was delivered through a decree signed by the Minister of Energy in mid-March 2017, demonstrated the continued commitment of the government in sustaining the momentum of its favorable renewable energy investment landscape among many of its regional and international competitors.

We offer good market entry opportunities for high-quality European investors, technology suppliers and project planners. We can assist our partners to identify best-fit solutions to manage the costs of their investments in energy sector in Turkey especially in renewables with focus on solar plants.

Solar Power Purchase Agreement offers businesses across Turkey a profitable way to install solar and reduce and fix their electricity costs. A PPA relieves the need for you to provide any upfront capital in accessing the benefits of solar power for your business.

For business opportunity information, deep market insight and financing solutions, AzmaTech is a key player with our strong and experienced partners in the region. For further information, please contact us .