Electric & Power Equipment

AzmaTech is supplier of various electrical and power equipment, regardless of type, size, features, etc., weather standard, off the shelf, tailor-made or custom designed. we can deliver electrical & power equipment to our clients for their plants, substations, power or control systems, etc. helping them to effectively and successfully execute and commission a new project or revamp, upgrade or as a part of subsystem.

The quality and state of art products we deliver helps us to stay on top of the market, committed to this trust and extend it to new clients.

Aftersales service and support  is a key point in our relationship with customers which is resulted by a triangle of trust and commitment built up between us as the sales agent, our principals and customers.

our main focus in the equipment sector is on the following fields:

  • power & distribution transformers
  • Generators, Motors, and Drives
  • Measuring and test equipment

The ongoing projects in the Iranian oil, Gas, and petrochemical, as well as steel, copper, and other mine and metal industries need quick and reliable feedback in supplying proper equipment.

AzmaTech is ready to address the requirements of customer with the most advanced proven technologies in the above fields.

Being in touch with strong international business has helped us to supply equipment other than the above scope i.e. pumps, compressors, gensets ,…which have been ordered by our most valuable customers.

1) Electrical Transformers

Complete Solutions for the Grid

AzmaTech offers a complete range of high quality and cost effective transformers for any utility and industrial application.

The diversity of the Power Transformer products presented has enabled us to fully address the requirements of all customers in different industries including Oil , Gas & Petrochemical, Electric Transmission, and Mines & Metals particularly Steel industries.

We have succeeded registering our supplying partners in the “Approved Vendor List” of nearly all mother companies at Ministry level in the field of Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals in Iran, hence facilitated selection of the ordering contractors and Clients in this field and easily receive equipment purchase approvals by the End-Users or Engineers.

power transformers supply range :

  • Generator step up transformers: 1000 MVA, 525 kV
  • Shunt Reactors: 250 MVA, 400 kV
  • Arc Furnace Transformers: 310 MVA, 34.5 kV

Oil immersed distribution transformers supply range:

  • Any size, type or voltage.
  • Normally mineral oil is utilized in distribution transformers. However, we can also offer transformers with silicone oil which has fire point above 300C, idea for harsher environments and industries.

Dry type transformers:

  • power rating : 50-30,000 kVA
  • Insulation level: 52 KV

2) Generators, motors and drives

  • Reliability and Efficiency

AzmaTech can offer wide range of medium and large size motors up to 40 MVA / 15 kV with any cooling type or speed, vertical or horizontal orientation for various industrial applications whether conventional or special (such as Oil & Gas, Wind, Marine, Traction,..).

In conjunction with motors, we offer VSDs (Variable Speed Drives), helping our customers to benefit from many aspects of state of the art drive technology to modernize their plants.

We can also supply conventional synchronous or asynchronous generators of 1 MW and higher up to 50 MVA as well as hydro-electric generators of both salient pole or cylindrical or even permanent magnet generators for wind turbines complete with related power electronics.

In the rotating machine service, via our reliable partner we will support our customers providing all kinds of services for motors and generators whether partial or total repair /rewind, providing parts and components or upgrading with new custom designed machines to replace the old machines.

3) Energy efficiency

many of the industrial plants are either old or operating in partial capacity, or even suffer from unknown design flaws, which the plants owners are paying the price consequential prices for, whether aware or not.

Highly knowledgeable specialists in AzmaTech are capable of assessing their plants from energy efficiency point of view, providing solutions which customers can enjoy from such as, energy bill saving, prolonged equipment life cycle, reduced electromechanical and thermal shocks , higher system/equipment availability, greater plant reliability, lesser maintenance, and so on.

4) Measuring & Test Equipment

the increasing demand in the engineering standards necessitates application of new technologies in measuring and test equipment. Therefore AzmaTech is supporting its customers with state-of-art technologies in this field.

  High Voltage Automatic Test Equipment

AzmaTech offers a comprehensive range of automatic test equipment for wiring harness and associated systems.

The automatic test equipment provides up to 500,000 test points offering 2-wire and 4-wire (Kelvin) measurement.

testing capabilities ranges from simple harness to the most complex high density back planes. all can be analyzed with unrivalled accuracy, quality and reliability.

  • Continuity Testing
  • Resistance Measurement (2 and 4 wire) to 0.001Ω
  • Short circuit testing
  • High Voltage Insulation Testing (typically up to 6,000V DC)
  • Hi Pot test to 3,550v AC
  • Capacitance measurement down to 5 pF
  • Inductance testing
  • 32 to 500,000 test points
  • 50,000 points per sec
  • Function testing of active components
  • Full fault analysis and report generation
  • User friendly Windows software
  • Minimal training required

Oil & Gas Applications

  • Subsea interconnect Systems
  • Cable Harness
  • Connector