Iran climate changes / developing renewable energy

Minister of Energy in the first Iran- EU business forum on sustainable energy claims that Iran is one of the victims of climate changes / developmening renewable energy.

H.E. Chitchain mentioned that holding this business forum shows special interest of European Union and Iran’s organizations and policy makers to find a solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. He also claimed that Iran is a country that suffers from continuous drought due to climate change. For example drought of wetlands, dust phenomenon and reduction of underground water resources level also drying gardens and farms, villages lack of inhabitants in many areas in Iran due to the lack of water, are the results of these changes in our country.

According to the report from public relations of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization of Iran (SATBA), Minister of Energy said that in order to overcome the problems, wide range of activities are scheduled by the governmental policy makers and parliament. These activities are scheduled with cooperation of all governmental agencies and private sectors that are on the process. Most of these activities as the rest of the world are based on three areas: adapt to new conditions, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and participation in international cooperation. He mentioned that energy management and energy efficiency are important issues in the place of energy supply and demand that have been on the agenda of the ministry of energy during recent years. His Excellency also said that development of renewable energy is also among other tasks of ministry. At the moment we have installed 11600MW renewable power plants in the country. This amount is involving about 15% of the total capacity of the country’s installed power plant. He added that wind and solar power plants in 2016 have been increased about 7 times compared to 2015. Capacity of wind and solar power plants increased from 140MW to 350MW in the last three years.
Islamic Republic of Iran and the Ministry of Energy have done great support for development of renewable energy during the recent years. These supports including the 20-year guaranteed power purchase agreement from clean and renewable energy power plants to the average price of 11 dollar cent per kilowatt hour, while the price that we sell electricity is about 2 cents per kilowatt hour. We have defined 30% incentives which are going to be added on Tariffs for investors who will use local manufacturing. Islamic Republic of Iran, despite having rich resources of fossil fuels, in order to keep pace with the global effort to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, voluntarily agreed to have serious participation in the global agreement. This participation aims to reduce about 4% emissions by 2030 and we try to increase the share of renewable energy up to 7500 in the next 5 years. He mentioned that according to data from the ministry of economy and finance, more than 3 billion dollars request for investment in the field of renewable energy was recorded in the country that part of this amount has been already operated and the rest is on the process. At the end he mentions that Iran has an important role in sustainable global energy and at the moment is ready to cooperate with European Union on energy security.


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