Iran’s largest solar power plant with the capacity of 10 MW in Isfahan

The largest solar power plant with the capacity of 10 MW was operated in province of Isfahan with the presence of Minister of energy and some of national and provincial authorities.

According to the report from public relations of renewable energy and energy efficiency organization of Iran (SATBA), this power plant was constructed by the cooperation of international power and energy investment Company (Ghadir) and its foreign partner from Greece in the province of Isfahan.

The capacity of this power plant is 10 MW which is provided by 39000 solar panels. At the moment this amount of capacity is the largest in the country. Environmental condition of this area and number of sunny days are among the positive parameter in this region.

Base on this report, the construction of this power plant had finished in 7 months which was unique in the country. 30% of the construction was localized and in the development plan of this power plant they try to use more from internal expertise and knowledge.

Creation jobs for more than 150 people during the construction and 10 people after the end of construction are among the advantages of this project in Isfahan. The cost of this power plant was over 600 billion Rials. The contract to purchase the electricity is for 20 years and it is based on guaranteed power purchase with SATBA. It is worth mentioning that, this power plant is the largest solar power plant with the tracking system in the country. in developing plan of this project there is also another solar power plant with the capacity of 10 MW next to the exciting one.


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