Mobile Power Plant Ready for Rapid Deployment

A 25 megawatt mobile power plant built by MAPNA Group was synchronized successfully with the national power grid in Noshahr County in the northern Mazandaran Province on Wednesday.

A similar power plant was added to the national power grid in Behshahr County in the same province earlier this month, IRNA reported.

The portable trailer-mounted 25-MW mobile turbine, enjoying a space-conscious design, can operate on different fuel sources namely natural gas and diesel. It can be transported anywhere by land, air, or sea for rapid deployment. Once installed, the gas turbine starts procuring power within 25 minutes.

“Thermal Power Plant Holding, a subsidiary of the Energy Ministry, signed an agreement with MAPNA based on which the latter is expected to build 10 mobile power plants for TPPH,” MAPNA’s Power Division vice president for sales and marketing Vandad Rastegar was quoted as saying by the company website.

“Commissioning of such mobile power units not only is a practical solution to help meet  peak-hour demand but also helps cut power companies costs,” Rastegar said, adding that the 25 MW plants are capable of being installed and synchronized to the national grid in less than 30 days.

MAPNA is a conglomerate of Iranian companies involved in development and execution of thermal and renewable power, oil and gas, railroad transport and other industrial projects as well as manufacturing equipment. It is among a handful of companies around the world able to produce the increasingly popular power plants.

Pointing to the market and function of mobile power plants, the official noted that the company started designing mobile land-based power stations in July 2014 in partnership with MECO—a leading company in the field of Gas and Steam turbines electrical & control systems.

According to the official, MGT-30 turbines—a gas turbine in the range of 25-MW output— with compatible generators are used in manufacturing mobile power plants. Special air intake and exhaust stacks are designed and built for them.

Mobile turbines produce significantly less emissions, making them a good fit for environmentally conscious customers and developed markets with stringent regulatory controls.

“Mobile power plants are constructed based on international standards of the power industry and their quality is on a par with those of American and European companies,” he added.

  Tehran’s First Mobile Power Plant

According to Seyyed Ali Sarbaz-Hosseini, head of the board of directors at Nama Mad Parsargad Industrial Group, Iran’s first mobile power plant, which can supply electricity to 5,000 households, was tested and launched in Tehran last year.

The mobile power plant, with an output of three megavolts, can be employed in emergency conditions, such as natural disasters, as well as for generating power in faraway electricity-deprived areas.

Reportedly, after the power plant went on stream, Iran joined the US, Germany and Russia, which have the knowhow to manufacture mobile power plants. Plans call for mass producing the power plants with export-oriented approach.

Source: Financial Tribune


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