In the year of Economy of Resistance: Production and Employment

“In the year of Economy of Resistance: Production and Employment”, the construction of 2.5 MW wind turbine in the country in order to develop the national know-how.
According to the report from public relations of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization of Iran  (SATBA), in the year that Iran’s supreme leader  named it as “Resistive Economy; Production and Employment”, we are witnessing production and employment perspectives in the field of renewable and clean energies. More than 70% of localization of the 2.5 MW wind turbine equipment and its installation by MAPNA Co. in the Kahak wind farm, and in the near future in Miyaneh, Khaf, and etc. have been in line with the slogan of the Iran’s Supreme Leader. In addition to domestic production and job creation for Iranian workforce, these activities are considered as a stepping stone to help the country to move forward a cleaner environment.

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